My Dissertation

Title Page & Table of Contents

Chapter I – Introduction

Chapter II – Review of Related Literature

Chapter III – Method

Chapter IV – Results

Chapter V – Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendation


Appendix A (pp. 156-162)- Nongroup, Medical Education Research Directors, Revised April, 1997 (45 persons)

Appendix B (pp. 163-169) – Questionnaire Respondents (41 persons)

Appendix C – Definitions of Terms Used in the Reviewed Literature

Appendix D – Interview Respondents

Appendix E – Interview Questions

Appendix F – Summary of the Interview Responses

Appendix G – Questionnaire

Appendices H & I – Letters to Interviewees

Appendices J, K & L – Letters for the Questionnaire Survey

Appendix M – Summary of Questionnaire Survey

Appendix N – Questionnaire Reponses Not Included in the Statistical Analysis

Appendix O – Tables 1-40


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