Kuliah ProDi S2 IKM UNS (PKMK Sem 3)

Tugas: Baca makalah-makalah berikut dan identifikasi masalah2 penelitian yang perlu dipecahkan untuk memberikan bukti yang lebih valid tentang efektivitas dan efisiensi program.

Suhrcke, M., Boluarte, T. A., & Niessen, L. (2012). A systematic review of economic evaluations of interventions to tackle cardiovascular disease in low-and middle-income countries. BMC Public Health, 12(1), 2. (Suhrcke dkk_SR of economic evaluations)

Sutton, L., Karan, A., & Mahal, A. (2014). Evidence for cost-effectiveness of lifestyle primary preventions for cardiovascular disease in the Asia-Pacific Region: a systematic review. Globalization and health, 10(1), 79. (Sutton dkk_SR of cost effectiveness)

Menilai Evaluasi Ekonomi Upaya Kesehatan

Evers, S., Goossens, M., De Vet, H., Van Tulder, M., & Ament, A. (2005). Criteria list for assessment of methodological quality of economic evaluations: Consensus on Health Economic Criteria. International journal of technology assessment in health care, 21(02), 240-245. (Evers_Criteria for assessment of methodological quality of HEE)

Langer, A. (2012). A framework for assessing Health Economic Evaluation (HEE) quality appraisal instruments. BMC health services research, 12(1), 253. (Langer_Framework for assessing HEE instruments)

Lampiran Sutton dkk:

Sutton_add file 1

Sutton_add file 2

Sutton_add file 3

Sutton_add file 4


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